Google Analytics Certification – Google Analytics Individual Qualification

To Know about Google Analytics Certification, you have to know at first about Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics? Google analytics is a web tracking tool which Google offered free and where you will get a complete view of your website’s total traffic, Organic traffic, Direct traffic, Paid traffic, Referral and Social traffic with others important business data for better insights to grow your business.

Are you ready to Google Analytics Certified?

You can gather knowledge easily about Google Analytics through Google Analytics Academy. Google Analytics Academy prepared a perfect free course for Google analytics beginner and advanced users.

Google Analytics for Beginners Course: Beginners users learn from this course that how to create a Google Analytics account, implement tracking code, setting website data filtering, shortcut dashboard and report creation with learning more things such as how to analyze basic Audience, Behavior, Acquisition, reports, and set up business goals and campaign tracking and etc.

Advanced Google Analytics Course: Advanced users can gain advance knowledge from this course such as how-to Analytics collect data and processing website data report, how to use advanced configurations like Custom Metrics to data collection. Also, you can learn more advanced analysis technics to use channel reports, audience reports and custom reports.

How to achieve your Google Analytics Certification?

After completing Google Analytics basic and advanced courses, you could prepare yourself to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. If you passed Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam then you will get Google Analytics Certification. For this course visit Academy for Ads. Once you have passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam, you will get a certification which will be valid for 12 months.

The Benefits of GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) Certification:

  • You get a superb certificate that you can print out and hang on your wall, you can prove that you’re qualified
  • After passing this exam, you will get a certificate which helps to promote you on the Linkedin profile, website, Resume & Freelancing platforms.
  • You can use the certificate badge in your business email signature.
  • You can prove professional reliability as a Google Analytics expert.
  • This certificate will help you to get a better job at Digital Marketing Agency with help increase your salary.
  • You can impress your customers with this certificate.

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